Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Mean Really?!

Who gets a cold in the middle of summer??? Forecasts predicted last night to be the last hot sunny day of summer and I wake up with a debilitating cold...*cough, sneeze, wheeze.* Worse...I made friends with a boat owner and was invited out for one last night on the water before he parks it for the year. Sadly, I couldn't risk it with all the doubles I do over the weekend. That seems to be when I'm burning out these days so I'm trying my best to pace myself.

I'm not sure if any of you have heard of the plane that went missing last Tuesday evening on its way between Kelowna and Victoria. The pilot is the long-term boyfriend of my sisters best friend. They found all four passengers yesterday, none survived. Rama, the pilot, was flying his brother to Victoria to attend school and they took along a couple of buddies. Sadly, the media took it upon themselves to speculate that this route was in some way associated with the smuggling or trading of drugs. A sensationalization that shifted the focus from the tragedy of four missing people. Rama is the father of a little boy who will grow up without his dad. And, Rama's parents just lost both their children at once. I can't even imagine. It has been a hard week for my family with my sister taking trips to Kelowna to comfort her friend. I'm not sure this is in any way the type of stuff I should be blogging about but it's been a big part of our life recently and I felt like, for whatever reason, I needed to talk about it.

Moving on...despite my pessimistic opening to this particular post, I'm having a phenomenal summer here in Vancouver. I've charged up my camera batteries for the first time all year and am preparing to take some shots to put up here prior to our return to school. I know most, if not all, of you have been here but it truly is breath taking in the summer. I spend nearly every free moment out on a beach somewhere, reading in a park or playing in the ocean.

I'm still working Wednesdays through Sundays at the Pan and a few extra shifts at the restaurant. Starting to feel a little tired but only have another month to go so am trying to stay focused. I keep thinking I can stop working on the 19th and just spend the last few weeks relaxing. What makes me think I can afford to do this is beyond me, lol. Sometimes I think that I hate working so much but actually, I've met the most amazing people through both jobs. It's going to be impossible to leave here when I feel like I've just started to create this new life.

I've rejigged my resume for winter coop applications (sigh, can't believe we're thinking about this already). Also, I'm not sure how many people in our program don't live at home but I hope everyone is lining up a dwelling for the fall. 10 weeks is such an impossible time to plan for when it comes to lease signing and furniture hunting. I got lucky, I'll be returning to my place in James Bay but post winter coop I have no idea what I'm going to do for that final term as my roommate intends to move from Victoria. Hopefully post winter work term I'll be able to afford a cozy sleeping bag because I'm seriously contemplating camping at Dunlop!

Hope everyone is enjoying their coop...more soon.

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