Monday, September 13, 2010

Two more weeks...

I can't believe there are only a few more weeks of work before school starts again. This whole month I've been counting down the time until I'm done and I'm getting more and more sad the closer it gets. I wish I could pack up all the bellmen into my pocket and bring them back with me...that's a weird thing to say right?! But it's true. If this position had been the job of my dreams, had it even been more challenging, I fear I may never have come back. I completely lucked out. The guys are great, the guests have been funny, and my supervisors are just like hilarious dads to me.

Every Sunday after work, most of our Fridays, and prior to my shift at the restaurant, we head across the street to the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel and have a drink at the pub (well the guys have a few and sometimes more than that but I have one small glass of beer in keeping with the end of the week spirit). We recap about the day we all had and then part knowing we'll be back to the grind on Monday (or whichever day our Monday actually lands on). Only now, I know I'm down to only two more weeks and just one more weekend at the restaurant!

Looks like I'll be working at the Westin Whistler this winter and starting to look forward to that to distract me from my current sadness about leaving Vancouver. I had a fantastic phone interview a few weeks back and then this past weekend headed up for a little fun in the village. Different than I remembered it being when we all headed up for our whirl wind trip last April. Though that could be due to the mass quantity of sugar we all consumed while we were up there. Stayed at the Pan Pacific Mountainside as I was able to score a good staff deal and after an evening of lounging in the hot tub and dancing to the best of the 80's I woke up to tour the village. Later in the afternoon I met up with my phone interviewer from the Westin and had another great interview. I was thrilled to receive the call a few days later telling me that I got the position. I'm delighted to know I won't have to think about it this fall term. As you all know I'd taken classes prior to the program starting so my terms have been a little easier than most of yours. HOWEVER this term I actually have the full course load so will need to focus more than ever (sigh, I'm really not good at full time studies).

So that's whats new. Just enjoying the last few weeks of my time in Vancouver and then making the move back. I see a lot of you have posted your return dates on Facebook but I have no idea yet. I think a welcome back party is in order if it's not already been suggested.

See you all sooner than soon,


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