Tuesday, July 20, 2010


If a passing grade is based on frequent and regular updates of my working coop and life via this blog...I'm pretty sure I'm failing!

My celebrity sightings can be summed up by local news and sports broadcasters, el presidente de la Argentina, a B-list basketball player and John Lithgow.

I've spent any ounce of free time at the beach in English Bay, going to the PNE, watching our Canadians play baseball and trying all of the local restaurants. (NOTE: free time can only be defined as the three and a half minutes I have in between shifts).

I'm working two jobs now (booooo). Pan Pacific, which is still fun, and Joe Fortes, an iconic restaurant downtown Vancouver, as part of the hostessing team. I go from spending my day with a bunch of dudes to an evening of all gals. It's quite the contrast providing endless entertainment. My feet are constantly sore but the pay cheques come once a week between the two places which reminds me it's all worth it (almost).

Sad to say I'm not learning too terribly much during this coop other than how not to complain about working all the time. I am getting lots of incredible customer service experience though and between dealing with grumpy post-cruisers at the hotel and grumpy hungry people at the restaurant I'm pretty much learning how to handle a variety of angry people. I'm sure this will come in handy in life :)

Unfortunately that is all the time I have to report for now. Off to work, surprise, but more later.


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